Modernization of the operating IT infrastructure in one of the largest banks in the country, the translation of a platform for virtualization of Microsoft Hyper-V from the old capacities of Blade-Center Fujitsu, including systems of data storage for NetApp, the organization of the failure-safe virtualized cluster.
Successful introduction of a system backup for a large insurance company. Optimization of scenarios for backup under existing business processes and IT infrastructure of the enterprise.
The organization of infrastructure on the equipment of DELL for work of modular software solution, the last generation which provided full coverage of all aspects of the insurance company.
Creation of an IT infrastructure for a large bank on the basis of equipment and PO IBM, including RDBMS Oracle for the purpose of ensuring the maximum efficiency of ABS.
One of the main activities of our company is the introduction of a telephony for contact centers on the basis of Asterisk for insurance and collection companies. Our company repeatedly realized successful projects transferring to Asterisk and in the introduction in banks from scratch.
Successful introduction of failure-safe cluster decisions and software for the basis of Microsoft Exchange in large transport and insurance companies.
Modernization server of bank infrastructure for optimization of software for daily operations of the bank and expansion of systems of backup for the bank, with equipment from IBM.
Numerous implementation of projects of construction and optimization of work of network infrastructure on the equipment of leading vendors: Cisco, HP, Juniper, Extreme, etc.
Carrying out an audit of servers and network infrastructures of a company regarding technical and user vulnerabilities.
Design of infrastructure of wireless Wi-Fi access on the basis of equipment Aruba, HP, Cisco to connect networks of a warehouse and offices.
Deployment of infrastructure for backup on a tape library IBM in a large insurance company.