The most valuable asset of the majority of companies is information. Therefore, one of the ways to increase the efficiency of any organization is through optimization of access to the data arriving from various sources, their order and structuring, additionally protection against distortions and losses (data leaks).

Modern systems of data storage, demand flexible decisions in data storage, requirements for productivity, reliability, reservations, optimization of the use of disk space. For this reason, traditional solutions which suppliers of intellectual systems proposed several years ago, don’t correlate to the criteria of target consumers of today.

Tasks which form current trends in server virtualization and virtualization of desktops, are effectively realized by means of modern systems for data storage.

Innovations in the field of development of systems for data storage consist of the following:

  • continuity of business in during restoration of databases in emergency situations;
  • complex services to allow cost optimization of storage and access to data;
  • providing network services focused on the scope of specific branch objectives;
  • possibilities of expansion for existing appendices;
  • continuous monitoring, archiving and creating reports and other documentation in the environment of storage, free from external/internal risks.

Proceeding from the analysis of the requirements set by the customer, specialists of Avalis are ready to offer various SAN, NAS and DAS of the decision. The result, noticeable for the customer, is the introduction of SHD which completely depends on the ability of our experts to estimate the current and future requirements of the enterprise. Proceeding long-term relationships of the introduction of the SHD projects by specialists in our company, without a doubt we have unquestionable positive results.

Our experts are ready to offer the most optimum packages for use with modern technologies provided by such vendors such as NetApp, HP, EMC, IBM.