Today the IT infrastructure is a basis for activity of any company, it also gives the chance to receive the maximum benefit from most business processes.

Every day more and more organizations consider the possibility of optimization through an IT infrastructure. If correctly introduced, it sets the tone to have a setting optimal for work, to receive financial benefits for the business. Thus, the investment into a sound business decision which is having an IT infrastructure produces an excellent return on investment.

Modern competition — is the competition of tools the organization introduces through optimum IT solutions. Technical specialists at Avalis are ready to estimate the requirements and details of work for each separate need to ensure your full satisfaction of your inquiries, regardless of the complexity.

Creation of infrastructure takes into account the dependence on separate components to form an effective decision.

Avalis is partnered with all of the leading vendors in server equipment, networks of data transmission, systems of data storage and software. Technical specialists monitor actual decisions in the sphere of server virtualization and virtualization of desktops. With the introduction of IT solutions we understand the responsibilities of sound decisions and are ready to carry out the support arm of the implemented projects.

Today, Avalis implements projects in the financial and insurance markets, Avalis is ready to propose solutions, both for large, medium and small businesses, to include state enterprises.

We use equipment and software of leading producers such as: HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, NetApp, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

At the point of decision making, our certified consultants and technical specialists are guided by core concepts and principles of well established key players that exist in the market today.