In the modern world of telecommunication infrastructure, it is a basis of communication and collaboration in companies, by being informed, it creates opportunities for fast decision-making no matter the distance or time zone involved. Thanks to a combination of various technologies and means of ensuring corporate communications. In part, to telecommunication infrastructure there is an opportunity to lower the time of reaction to constant changes happening in the business environment. Combined, this allows any company to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Today’s network opportunities:

  • Receive maximum results from services which are applied in business processes;
  • Provides centralized monitoring of work;
  • Ensures data security.

With the creation of the telecommunication infrastructure we use equipment produced by HP, Dell, Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, Radware, Check Point etc.

Avalis offers the following services:

  • Inspection and audit of the network infrastructure.
  • Consultation in the field of choice for strategy of construction, stages of development of the network infrastructure, and architecture’s choice.
  • Creation of the project and operational documentation according to the requirements of the customer, technical design, creation of working documentation, techniques of operational tests, regulations of operation for system and maintenance control.
  • Delivery, bench testing, prototyping, installation and configuration of the equipment and ON, commissioning, introduction of network solutions of data transmission, voice, videos, and also the accompanying complex decisions according to the requirements of the system.
  • Technical support of decisions which already exist and created by our experts with guaranteed quality and punctuate time of reaction which includes replacement of equipment, support of the operability of various network services, and consultation.
  • Modernization of equipment which allows the improvement of existing systems according to new standards.