Audit stages:

1. Preliminary acquisition of information about the infrastructure.

2. Interview with engineers securing the area of activity and identification of the problematic aspects of operation.

3. Interview with managers on preferences and prospects for work of the area of activity.

4. Acquisition of the configuration of existing equipment and software:
4.1. Analysis of the compatibility matrix;
4.2. Acquisition of information on errors of equipment operation;
4.3. Analysis of installed software and hardware updates.

5. Analysis of the collected material.

6. Provision of recommendations for reducing operating costs and improving performance.

7. Provision of economic justification for efficient growth and optimization of the existing infrastructure.

8. Step-by-step implementation plan with account of provision of necessary equipment, software and services to ensure the continuity of business-critical tasks.

9. Turnkey project implementation of previously selected solutions.

10. Support for implemented solutions.